BOOM! A secret government facility in a downtown area has exploded. From the rubble emerges D.A.V.E. ,a humanoid plant creature that was the centerpiece of the experiments. Due to the explosion, the city has been overrun with plants and has become a literal urban jungle. D.A.V.E. must navigate the city to find other escaped plant experiments and save them. D.A.V.E is a 3rd person platformer that focuses on utilizing light to solve different puzzles. The player will be able to interact with the city, changing its structure with his plant growing abilities.

Here is a trailer that shows a lot of features within the game!

Throughout this project, I opererated mostly as a Systems programmer. I was responsible for creating the main systems that surrounded D.A.V.E.’s interaction with the world. Most notabily, was the seed system. D.A.V.E. had the ability to produce and shoot different types of seeds into the world. When one of these seeds were placed into sunlight, it would grow and interact with D.A.V.E. in a certain way that would help him interact with his environment.

During this project, I also worked on Physics Programming in this game. For the most part, we used Unity’s built-in physics system, but we used our own physics equations for projectile motion when it came to D.A.V.E. being able to shoot seeds into the world. We did this so that we could create a visualized path that the player can used to see where D.A.V.E. is currently aiming to shoot his next seed.

Here is a video that shows off our gameplay (Voiceover by: Alex Barnett, Producer):