Personal Graphics Drawing Library Reflection 1

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Project 1 Reflection 1

  1. What did you accomplish?

For the first week, most of my time was dedicated towards doing research as to how I might be able to accomplish creating a personal graphics drawing library. Most of the documentation that I have been looking at have been in the Windows App Development documentation that can be found at: By the end of the first week, I was able to open a window using my C++ code that was heavily based upon the templete presented in the documentation.

  1. What difficulties did you face? How did you overcome them?

The main difficulties that I have faced have just been because of the extensive usage of typedef in the Windows code. I have often had to look into what type they are using for a typedef, as I like to understand every part of the code that I am writing. I also had trouble getting a window to display, as the code that I used had to use a different entrypoint than the Console programs that I am used to writing. I overcame these difficulties by doing entensive research and using the code presented in examples as a baseline to compare to my code.

  1. What do you plan to do for next week?

For next week, I hope to fully understand the window code, and to write a wrapper Window class to handle a lot of the functionality, so that I can more easily create a window without messing with too much Windows API code. I also hope to look into bitmaps and see how I can draw images onto the window.

  1. Did your goals for the project change? If so, how?

My goals for the project have not changed, and I’m still on track!

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