Greybox Generation Tool Reflection 1

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Project 2 Reflection 1

  1. What did you accomplish?

For the first week, I did not end up doing too much implementation. I spent most of my time researching Unity Tool Development. Over the week, I have really discovered how powerful Unity Tools can be, and how much of the Unity Editor is availible for users to utilize for their own benefit. I have also looked into the Unity Handles package, and have been able to see what is possible within that library. For my tool, I currently only have the window opening, with a basic button and numerical fields.

  1. What difficulties did you face? How did you overcome them?

The difficulties that I faced were purly related to documentation. I feel like Unity doesn’t do too well with documenting how to develop personal tools for your projects. Their documentation is much more focused on developing games themselves rather than the internal development. I was able to overcome this because I found a YouTube channel of someone who works in Tools & Pipeline Programming and has uploaded a lot of content for people wanting to learn Tool Development. Their name is Freya Holmér and you can find their YouTube at:

Watching their Tool Development content has expanded my knowledge SO much about where I can take this project moving forward.

  1. What do you plan to do for next week?

Through my research, I believe that I have a pretty good grasp at how to utilize the scene window into my Editor Script. For next week, I want to have my tool able to spawn a basic cube, then have colored spheres generate off of that cube on each face. When the user clicks on one of those sphere, then the tool will either create a new cube at that location or extend the cube 1 unit in that direction. I will also have editable values in the window, so that the user can adjust this process for their needs.

  1. Did your goals for the project change? If so, how?

My goals for the project have not changed, and I’m still on track!

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