Greybox Generation Tool Reflection 3

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Project 2 Reflection 3

#1. What did you accomplish?

For the 3nd week, I was able to get the tool to work recursively, allowing you to build more cubes off of others that were made with the tool. I also added a scale entry to my tool, so that you can change the size of the scale that you want the next cube to be. My tool automattically calculates where the new cube should be placed by taking into account the new cube’s scale as well as the scale of the cube that it is building off of.

#2. What difficulties did you face? How did you overcome them?

I spent some time trying to see how I could hide handles that aren’t visible to the camera. I spent a lot of time looking into raycasting, and didn’t get anything to work, so I ended up putting that feature aside to get other features implemented.

#3. What do you plan to do for next week?

For next week, I want to add a handle so that the user can dynamically drag a cube into existance in the window, to make it more intuitive. I also want to display a mesh in the scene while the user hovers over a handle, so that they can see an example of what the new cube will look like before they place it. I would also like to get Unity’s Undo system hooked up so that the user can undo their mistakes.

#4. Did your goals for the project change? If so, how?

My goals for the project have not changed, and I’m still on track!

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