Greybox Generation Tool Reflection 2

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Project 2 Reflection 2

  1. What did you accomplish?

For the 2nd week, I got my tool to spawn a cube upon opening the tool. This cube has six yellow sphere that spawn on every face. When the user selects one of these spheres, it gets deleted, and in its place another cube with yellow spheres gets spawned. This allows the user to easily build a world full of these 1x1x1 cubes, however I don’t currently have this as an interative process yet. The user can click on the spheres of the newest cube, and it does nothing currently, which is the next issue for me to fix.

  1. What difficulties did you face? How did you overcome them?

The only difficulty that I faced was my infamiliarity with Unity Tool Development. However, I have good resources at my side to help me overcome that challenge, and I am learning more every day.

  1. What do you plan to do for next week?

For next week, I want this cube generation process to be iterative so that the user can build as many cube as they want. I also want the cubes that generate to have an adjustable size so that the user can place larger blocks if they need. I also want to look into making visual draggable handles so that the user can visually determine the cube size before they place it.

  1. Did your goals for the project change? If so, how?

My goals for the project have not changed, and I’m still on track!

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